New Formula of Similac Gain Plus Three for 1-3 Years Old

In case you haven’t noticed yet, new stocks of Similac Gain Plus Three (for 1-3 Years Old) now carry the “New Formula” seal and come with a slightly higher price tag.

If one pays close attention to the new label and compare it with the old one, it will show the addition and/or enhancement of key nutrients associated with neurological and cognitive development, e.g., Arachidonic acid, DHA, Taurine, Choline, and Lutein, hence the “New Formula” seal.New Formula of Similac Gain Plus ThreeAs Similac Gain Plus Three users ever since our youngest turned 2 years old, it was actually our concern that the old formula had less of the above-mentioned nutrients compared to the Enfagrow and Promil lines. But still we opted to stick with the formula since her weight gain with and tolerance for Similac were much better.

With the recent enhancement of nutrients in the new formula of Similac Gain Plus Three, our confidence in the brand just got a much-needed boost, giving us the assurance of the presence of key nutrients for brain development in every feeding.

Reminder: Always consult your Pediatrician for your toddler’s milk formula needs.


15 thoughts on “New Formula of Similac Gain Plus Three for 1-3 Years Old

  1. Noelyn floresca says:

    Hi, i thought my baby’s milk is already expired,l. The powder of the new formula became yellowish in color. i’m just worried. Is this normal?


    • Online-DAD Ph says:

      Hi, the new formula appears more yellow and less fine compared to the old one. Check the expiry on the can and unless it’s been exposed to moisture, your purchased stock is in good condition.


      • Anonymous says:

        Same here. So i thougt it was already expired but when i checked the date is 2019. And my baby doesnt want to drink it than the old one, huhu what to do??


  2. Alvin says:

    hello i think the instructions given to me by the sales lady for the adjustment period of using the old one to the new one is a bit different on how I understand it in the brochure. the sales lady told me to decrease one scoop every week for the old one and start one scoop for the new one for the first week and increase it one scoop every week. But for my understanding, with every deduction of one scoop per week for the old one is you add one scoop per week for the new one

    Hoping to be more enlighten to what really should be the proper transition. thank you!


    • Online-DAD Ph says:

      Hi, I think your understanding is right. That’s what we also did for the transition.

      Week 1 transition-2 scoops old, 1 scoop new
      Week 2 transition-1 scoop old, 2 scoops new
      Week 3 transition-3 scoops new

      But to be sure, kindly consult with your Pediatrician. Thanks!


  3. let says:

    I’m having trouble with the new formula which my husband purchased yesterday , our son doen’t like it at all..the older stock isnt available in the groceries


  4. Krizna Armildez says:

    I don’t have the old one, so I rushed tothe grocery store and bought this new packaging. Is it okay to use the new formula without the old one?


  5. Maria says:

    The new one my son doesn’t like. Is the old one still available to the groceries. I think the taste very different than the old one coz really my son don’t event to drink the new milk.. what flavor did add to the new one? Most kids doesn’t like it… huhuhu


  6. Fe says:

    My daughter doesn’t like it also, her stomache is in pain now, i did not notice of your new formula, i just gave it to my daughter directly.


  7. Roll says:

    My daughter keep wasting the milk, she just drink 1/2 for every bottle since the new came. I used dropper to let drink the other half. And I notice she’s poorly gaining weight. Please any reccomendation milk substitute.


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