Yalla Pampanga and Metro Manila 2018 Books of Coupons

Following the groundbreaking success of its inaugural Book of Coupons in 2017, YALLA continues its mission of connecting businesses and customers with a bigger Yalla Pampanga 2018 edition.

Its second year in operation will also mark a monumental milestone as it aims to duplicate its success in Pampanga with the launch of the Yalla Metro Manila 2018 Book of Coupons.Yalla Metro Manila Book of Coupons coming soon in 2018!With two editions in 2018 covering two key economic locations – Pampanga and Metro Manila – Yalla is poised to cement its position as the publisher of the pioneer Book of Coupons bound to shape the consumer landscape in the Philippines over the next few years.

Hundreds of businesses, mostly from the Food and Services industry, have partnered with Yalla to offer BUY 1 GET 1 deals and other awesome discounts to book owners, who in turn share the experience with their families and friends.

But that is only half of its mission-vision. Yalla also endeavors to build lasting relationships with its partner merchants by ensuring loyal patronage from customers and cultivating a mutually beneficial environment for all.

Looking back from its humble beginnings, Yalla Book of Coupons has evolved from a mere concept to a market game-changer, a sought-after compilation of deals and discounts that’s making waves in the local market today. It’s innovative, unique, and definitely here to stay.


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