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Unlike new electronics, gadgets and toys, a new baby surely won’t come with a formal instruction manual – and that’s the scary part for most new dads. 

It’s even more nerve-racking for us, Filipino dads, whose society dictates that the moms should be more hands-on than us. But truth is, parenting is a combined responsibility of both parents – with a few exceptions for parents working overseas or those doing double jobs.

Close to a decade ago, I became a first-time dad to a baby girl whom I welcomed with excitement and so much anxiety for I knew nothing about changing diapers or bathing a fragile baby. I felt unprepared and totally overwhelmed.The Online Dad Blog by OnDADev PhilippinesThe good thing is that rearing a child has been proven to be a continuous work in progress that only experience can hone with the help of people who truly care enough. I can personally attest to this as my wife and I, with the guidance of our respective families, have been loyal partners in raising our children from the time we felt like complete dummies until the present-day super parents we’d like to believe we are to our two adorable daughters.

Though no amount of reading and researching can really substitute for hands-on parenting, it’ll surely help to know the essentials of parenting from conception until God knows when the kids would be needing parental guidance and support. 

This ONLINE DAD BLOG is my way of keeping dads sane amid the joys and struggles of parenthood, especially in the early years. Feel free to browse through my previous posts that chronicle our experiences rearing our daughters, Amarie and Sav.

Unofficial Rules of Parenting

Rule # 1: ASK. No dad knows everything. It’s perfectly normal to feel, uhm, for lack of a better term, ignorant. Just let things unfold as days and years go by and learn from them.

From Conception to Birth

The act of parenting officially commences NOT on the day of birth but as soon as the mom confirms the pregnancy. This holds true for the dad who has to make sure both the mom and that little beating heart inside of her receive all the love and care they need.

To begin with, all dads should try their best to at least be present during monthly medical consultations. Be the persons to remind the moms to follow religiously all prescriptions (such as Folic Acid, Iron and Calcium supplements, and multivitamins). Take charge of ensuring that all laboratory tests are performed within the recommended timeframe. As much as possible, attend pregnancy seminars and childbirth classes together. In short, share the pregnancy for its entire duration.

As the big day approaches, take the lead in preparing all things needed in the hospital. Whether or not you have both chosen to know the baby’s gender, it pays to be prepared with the essentials. Go with the color white – not only does it look clean but it also allows you to easily spot dirt or small insects near your little one. And it perfectly suits both genders, too.

Being pregnant has got to be one of the most challenging, albeit fulfilling, events in a woman’s life. As a husband and a dad, be always attentive to their needs, do not hesitate to show affection and concern, and your efforts will never go unnoticed.

Rule # 2: COMMIT. No dad has time for everything. However, the coming of a new baby is one special event that requires both the mom’s and dad’s full attention. Over the next few months, learn to deal with being awake until the wee hours of the morning. Staring at your little bundle of joy will surely make up for the lack of sleep — but rest, if you must.

…to be continued.

New Formula of Similac Gain Plus Three for 1-3 Years Old

In case you haven’t noticed yet, new stocks of Similac Gain Plus Three (for 1-3 Years Old) now carry the “New Formula” seal and come with a slightly higher price tag.

If one pays close attention to the new label and compare it with the old one, it will show the addition and/or enhancement of key nutrients associated with neurological and cognitive development, e.g., Arachidonic acid, DHA, Taurine, Choline, and Lutein, hence the “New Formula” seal.New Formula of Similac Gain Plus ThreeAs Similac Gain Plus Three users ever since our youngest turned 2 years old, it was actually our concern that the old formula had less of the above-mentioned nutrients compared to the Enfagrow and Promil lines. But still we opted to stick with the formula since her weight gain with and tolerance for Similac were much better.

With the recent enhancement of nutrients in the new formula of Similac Gain Plus Three, our confidence in the brand just got a much-needed boost, giving us the assurance of the presence of key nutrients for brain development in every feeding.

Reminder: Always consult your Pediatrician for your toddler’s milk formula needs.

Yalla Pampanga and Metro Manila 2018 Books of Coupons

Following the groundbreaking success of its inaugural Book of Coupons in 2017, YALLA continues its mission of connecting businesses and customers with a bigger Yalla Pampanga 2018 edition.

Its second year in operation will also mark a monumental milestone as it aims to duplicate its success in Pampanga with the launch of the Yalla Metro Manila 2018 Book of Coupons.Yalla Metro Manila Book of Coupons coming soon in 2018!With two editions in 2018 covering two key economic locations – Pampanga and Metro Manila – Yalla is poised to cement its position as the publisher of the pioneer Book of Coupons bound to shape the consumer landscape in the Philippines over the next few years.

Hundreds of businesses, mostly from the Food and Services industry, have partnered with Yalla to offer BUY 1 GET 1 deals and other awesome discounts to book owners, who in turn share the experience with their families and friends.

But that is only half of its mission-vision. Yalla also endeavors to build lasting relationships with its partner merchants by ensuring loyal patronage from customers and cultivating a mutually beneficial environment for all.

Looking back from its humble beginnings, Yalla Book of Coupons has evolved from a mere concept to a market game-changer, a sought-after compilation of deals and discounts that’s making waves in the local market today. It’s innovative, unique, and definitely here to stay.

Karuizawa Resort Town in Nagano: A Relaxing Haven for Japan Tourists

Tourists in Japan who wish to take a break from busy Tokyo may consider heading towards the resort town of Karuizawa located in Nagano, just a little over one hour away by train from the nation’s capital.

This town is quite popular among locals and tourists alike, expecially during summer, and is well-known for its cool air, calm surroundings, and relaxing scenery. It’s like Baguio City, the Philippines’ summer capital, sans the traffic congestion and the long travel by land.The Resort Town of KaruizawaIn general, Karuizawa boasts of an ancient look and feel that appeals to tourists inclined with nature, culture, and the arts; it has contemporary restaurants and shops amid antique shops and heritage sites. The town is uniquely traditional but modern – making it a must-see attraction that merits inclusion in every tourist’s Japan itinerary. Nihon daisuki.IMG_0138

Midori Hotel and Casino in Clark, Pampanga: Big Spaces for Family

A word of advice for conservative moms and dads like us: Don’t let the casino stop you from enjoying a staycation with your kids at Midori Hotel in Clark, Pampanga. It’s definitely a kid-friendly hotel with big spaces for the whole family, and the casino is just half of what it has to offer.

Midori Hotel

View from our room

Everything at Midori Hotel comes in big, comfortable spaces: the lush surroundings, the main lobby and hallways, restaurants, the outdoor pool, and even the parking lot.

Midori Outdoor Pool

Just a reminder: Hotel prohibits swimming when it’s raining.

We chose to celebrate my 35th birthday at Midori and it was truly a fun stay with the kids. As I always say to my wife, “happy kids, happy birthday!”

Midori Deluxe King Room

Happy kids, happy birthday!

If there’s one thing Midori Hotel can improve on, it’s their buffet breakfast spread. More selections and more flavor would spell a big difference. But overall, it’s worth a second stay.