Midori Hotel and Casino in Clark, Pampanga: Big Spaces for Family

A word of advice for conservative moms and dads like us: Don’t let the casino stop you from enjoying a staycation with your kids at Midori Hotel in Clark, Pampanga. It’s definitely a kid-friendly hotel with big spaces for the whole family, and the casino is just half of what it has to offer.

Midori Hotel

View from our room

Everything at Midori Hotel comes in big, comfortable spaces: the lush surroundings, the main lobby and hallways, restaurants, the outdoor pool, and even the parking lot.

Midori Outdoor Pool

Just a reminder: Hotel prohibits swimming when it’s raining.

We chose to celebrate my 35th birthday at Midori and it was truly a fun stay with the kids. As I always say to my wife, “happy kids, happy birthday!”

Midori Deluxe King Room

Happy kids, happy birthday!

If there’s one thing Midori Hotel can improve on, it’s their buffet breakfast spread. More selections and more flavor would spell a big difference. But overall, it’s worth a second stay.


Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo: Still a Sight to Behold

One weekend saw us heading to Antipolo to hear mass with the kids at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been there and wanted to explore more so we decided to drop by the famous Hinulugang Taktak, a 12 meter high falls considered a National Park located in Brgy. Dela Paz.

After payment of a minimal fee to enter, we were welcomed by the beautiful sight of the falls which, fortunately, had been undergoing rehabilitation through the efforts of the local government. The smell of polluted water is still existent though but we heard it has tremendously improved since the start of rehabilitation.

Hinulugang Taktak

No Filter!

Needless to say, being a National Park, Hinulugang Taktak is still worthy of a quick visit with family.

Aureo Resort in San Fernando, La Union

Just when we thought we’ve run out of new resorts to book in La Union, we were lucky to have discovered a new beachfront property in San Fernando near Poro Point — The Aureo Resort, where we spent our 9th Wedding Anniversary with the kids.

Aureo Beachfront

Aureo Beach Resort in San Fernando, La Union Beachfront

It is a new, Bali-inspired resort just minutes away from the San Fernando city center. During our stay, we noted how the staff put efforts into maintaining cleanliness and that’s a very good sign.

They have a restaurant where meals are served but there are several restaurants nearby which you may want to try especially if you have your own means of transportation.

The property has villas facing the beach but we opted to stay in a villa with direct access to the pool where the kids preferred to swim more often. But we also let them experience the beachfront where they played with the sand while their mom and I enjoyed a quick dip.

Aureo Pool

Aureo Villas – Pool area

Aureo Resort is a newly-opened property with reasonable room rates so we recommend that you try it with your family. Have fun!

The Types of Digital Marketing in the Online-Driven Age of Development in the Philippines

The essentials of Digital Marketing in the Philippines
With more and more Filipino consumers going online for information on products and services, OnDADev PH believes that one of the most effective ways to build a brand during this Online-Driven Age of Development is thru DIGITAL MARKETING.

Digital Marketing benefits not only new players working to develop their brands but also established key players in their respective industries. A digital marketing plan will surely advance these companies to a comfortable lead ahead of their competitors who have yet to consider going digital as an important aspect of their marketing activities.

  • What is Digital Marketing? It is a type of an organized Marketing Strategy which deals with the promotion of products and services aimed at reaching consumers thru their internet-connected devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Below is ONDADEV PH‘s list of the most important types of Digital Marketing commonly employed by companies, start-ups and key players alike:

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC)
2. Social Media Marketing
3. E-mail and SMS Marketing
4. Content Marketing
5. Affiliate and Influencer Marketing
6. Online Advertising

Digital Marketing Training Short Courses in the Philippines covering these types are available for professionals and enthusiasts who are looking into building their careers or further honing their skills in this particular field.

OnDADev Philippines

Armed with the fact that a huge percentage of our daily activities are carried out online, our site will now begin to feature more of the essentials of the Online-Driven Age of Development (OnDADev) thru Digital Marketing Training Short Courses in the Philippines.

Thank you, our dear readers, for your continuous support! You can rest assured of our commitment to still continue featuring parenting tips and essentials from a dad’s perspective. – Online Dad Blog Philippines